« Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. »

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

GVA Associés

GVA Associés is a Swiss firm based in Geneva specialised in private wealth management. Its ambition? Offering advisory and wealth management services perfectly tailored to the needs of its Swiss and international clientele, following a multi-asset investment strategy. GVA Associés is not a bank and does not sell in-house products, thus ensuring you a fully independent management of your assets.

GVA Associés’ founders truly believe that developing strong and trustworthy relations between the investor (the client) and the manager is key to a successful portfolio management. Each associate knows that to fulfill their clients’ ambitions and needs in making their wealth grow and stabilize over time, they need to develop and nurture good contact, understanding and trust. That is GVA Associés’ primary mission.






A cohesive and passionate team

From the outset, the founders have taken particular care in building up a team that shares their values. In doing so, they have sought out not only talent, competency and professionalism but also strong interpersonal skills, which they deem vital. Most importantly, GVA Associés has created the right working conditions for staff members’ own skills to flourish.

Our team is driven by a real passion for investment and benefits from a long experience in wealth mangement. GVA Associés brings together various backgrounds and pools diversified market knowledge and experience.