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By supporting various philanthropic, sports and cultural associations, GVA Associés and its clients contribute to developing local and international communities. In this way, GVA Associés lives out its passions and spreads its values through concrete actions.


FC Compesières

FC Champel



(renowned foundation of public interest strongly commited towards families and young people in need)

7 Seven Association

(Support for the association’s football tournament which organizes sporting events for people with intellectual disabilities and special needs under the aegis of Special Olympics Switzerland.


(local food bank in Geneva)

Geneva Telethon



Vladimir Tisma
a Swiss artist from Geneva (deuteranopian photographer)

Geneva’s terroir festival 
(Vigne Blanche Domain – Cologny)

Vladimir Tisma

Kinetic photographies of the Gobi Desert

Vladimir was born on 11th August 1996 in Geneva. His very firt visual shock happened on 11th September 2001, when he discovered the videos of the famous New York’s twin towers collapse. He was 5 years old and understood then the strong impact images can have.

His colour-blindness (deuteranopia) was discovered when Vladimir was six. As a teenager, after being introduced to the profession by a wildlife photographer, he developed a strong passion for photography and travelling and quickly got himself a camera. At the age of eighteen, he moved to Zürich to study photography at the Swiss Institute of Photography and started to travel by himself with the aim of shooting photos of these new places. Once his training was completed, Vladimir backpacked through Mozambique, South Africa, Iceland, Norway, the Faroe Island and of course Switzerland. Artistically, he doesn’t limit himself to one photographic subject but tries to explore landscape and wildlife as well as urban photography.

In 2015, he published some of his photographs in his first book Next World. His first solo exhibition was held in February 2017 at the Arcadem Galerie (Geneva). During his trip to Mongolia (in May 2018), the landscape structure of the Gobi Desert offered him the support he was looking for for his artistic approach, presented in the current exhibition.


Welcome to Planet Deuteranopia

When Vladimir organized his trip to Mongolia, his idea was to work on the subject of color blindness. The particularity of deuteranopia is that you perceive colors differently: yellows are seen as green, reds as brown, blues as pink and greens as yellow and orange. Since Vladimir had to learn the correspondence between standard colors and his perception at the age of six, he planned to take photographs that would succeed in rendering this double vision.

How to unite the two images on a single support? The artist chose to print them on aluminium slats, which displays the photography on one side with the colour people see when they have a normal vision and on the other how Deuteranopians see these colours. With his seven works, exhibited at the Unlimited Art Studio Gallery, Vladimir was able to concretize in a very tangible way the etymology of the word deuteranopia: second (“deuteros”) and view (“opsis”). The landscapes of the Gobi Desert, with its vast and smooth expanses provided an excellent basis for his project.

Vladimir’s vision is just as valid as the standard vision. His discovery enriches us because it reveals a world that the usual perception is not able to grasp. It requires interaction: the viewer must take action to capture the two visions. His artistic approach is thus part of kinetic art. Even though the work of art itself is not mobile, the colours change when the viewer moves. Vladimir thus pushes the limits of photographic art which in essence fixes an image at the precise moment of shooting. He creates a dynamic image allowing the observer to enter a third dimension (with both the construction of the slats and the viewer movement). The image is not frozen anymore; Vladimir let the perception of the spectator become the center of his work.

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